Maggy Winter Boots Diuty™

Maggy Winter Boots Diuty™
Maggy Winter Boots Diuty™
Maggy Winter Boots Diuty™
Maggy Winter Boots Diuty™
Maggy Winter Boots Diuty™
Maggy Winter Boots Diuty™
Maggy Winter Boots Diuty™
Maggy Winter Boots Diuty™
Maggy Winter Boots Diuty™

Maggy Winter Boots Diuty™

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Who said that an elegant shoe cannot be practical, comfortable and keep your feet warm?

We present our new range of Winter Premium Maggy Boots for woman that everyone is talking about this season. It is one of the most comfortable footwear in our collection, you will not want others for your day to day.



La nostra suola smette di appiattirsi, mantenendo l'ammortizzazione proprio dove il tuo piede ne ha bisogno. Da una giornata lavorativa a un fine settimana di vacanza, si muove adeguatamente per mantenerti più sano e felice.

FLEXIBLE - Light and moldable, they will always return to their original state, avoiding deformations caused by time and use.

EXTRA GRIP ON THE HEEL - Equipped with a flexible mesh for a better grip to the ankle and greater comfort, helping to prevent injuries when walking.

GEL-EFFECT OUTSOLE- Enjoy its gel-effect sole, it absorbs shock and divides the impact evenly to protect the sole of your feet.

COMFORTABLE AND ELEGANT - First sneakers designed to be elegant and at the same time be of unbeatable comfort.


Il suo intero interno è ricoperto di peluche che sono molto confortevoli e mantengono i piedi più caldi durante le giornate più fredde. Tieni i piedi abbastanza caldi in inverno.

Its sole is non-slip, the best to avoid slipping on rainy or snowy days.

Its entire interior is covered with plush fabric that, apart from being very comfortable when walking, keeps your feet very warm on the most intense cold days.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
I love the shoes

I love them ! They are very warm and comfortable, with these boots I will never have cold feet again.


They are perfectly waterproof ! For rainy days, are great! Shipping in 9 days, very happy. Thank you


It's fine. Delivery fast, shoes quality, comfortable. i took size 39 and they fit perfect!

You can wear thick socks that won't sweat your feet either! I love them


This pair of shoes are way better than I expected. They are very strong and, above all, fluffy, flexible and comfortable on the inside! I work at school and have a break. I am happy to wear these shoes because they are not only cute but also because they keep warm, and you will not slip and you will keep my feet warm. I love everything about this pair of boots - very happy with this purchase!


It has finally arrived! They have taken 9 days to arrive and I am very happy.

The materials are quality, breathable and rainy days are perfect, I have even used them for sports!

The customer service has been very good, luckily they have the chat because sometimes you get frustrated in this type of purchase.

The order packaging is correct, not something to write home about but I can't complain, these shoes are very functional!

If you need winter shoes, I recommend them!


Cool, and comfortable! The shipping was a little bit late, 11 days to arrive, but i am happy.

They have an excelent customer service, they helped me all the process and also chosing my size.

i am happy with the purchase, than you Shoukers

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