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Choosing a good shoe is fundamental for the health of our feet and many other physical problems. However, many times we give priority to aesthetics and leave aside the quality of the shoes and their functionality. In shoes, as in many other things in life, it happens that what is cheap, in the long run, is expensive.

From Shoukers we are going to give you a couple of tips so that you can better understand the footwear industry and that you don't have to sacrifice comfort for protection.

-The healthiest thing for our feet is that the shoes should not be tight to the feet, but be subject and even a little loose, because our feet, throughout the day increase slightly in size due to the physical effort we make when walking. That is why in case of doubt when choosing between one size or another we always recommend choosing a larger one.

In addition, it must correctly cushion the impacts of the foot against the ground so that the footprint is as smooth as possible. That is why each one of our shoes has a unique sole, specially designed for each model according to its weight, size and design, thus improving ergonomics with our feet and providing unique comfort in our daily life.

- Choose well the material of which it is made. One of the questions we receive most often is; Why do you reinforce the toe of your shoes?

Well, it's very simple, we work hard to find the perfect combination between elegance and comfort, so we reinforce each of our models with a tip of an ultra-lightweight reinforced steel alloy designed specifically by us, this provides extra safety in our shoes that considerably reduces the risk of injury and makes our shoes not only elegant shoes for everyday use, but also all-terrain shoes, perfect for heavy work and factories as well as for aerobic activities such as running and anaerobic activities such as weightlifting.


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